The Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives in partnership with AXA and Swiss Re Foundation is implemented in four Impact Hubs over the course of two years. Please find on this site updated progress information on each of the four editions.

Duration: November 2013 - March 2015 Status: Completed

Milan, Italy



Entrepreneurs: Anna Riva, Federico Magnone, Luigi Bandera, Gabriele Favagrossa

U-Life is a web platform selling accessible tourism packages and itineraries for elders and people with special needs. The aim of this platform is to overcome the segregation of these individuals into social and relief tourism. It offers attractive packages for all, with a special focus on the essential information for those groups in need of special attention (from the package to the accommodation).



AXA Italy has decided to incubate additionally to U-Life one more finalist, which is:

VIS – Very Important Seniors

Entrepreneurs: Carlotta Broglia, Giulia Predari

VIS provides a simple platform developed through an app for iOS and Android. The platform is an interactive planner, which is able to match the needs of senior citizens and the time availability of students, who are willing to dedicate free time to volunteering services taking place in their neighbour.


Body Mechanical Risk Assessment

Entrepreneur: Stefano Scattini

Nowadays people have to work until an older age compared to the past, hence companies have to deal with employees’ physical issues due to ergonomics and manual handling of loads. The overriding purpose of the initiative Body Mechanical Risk Assessment is to check the physical function of workers in order to keep their efficiency at work and in their day‐to‐day life. We try to create benefits for workers by preventing or solving their pains due to body mechanics issues, through body mechanic assessments.

Duration: January 2014 - April 2015 Status: Completed

London, United Kingdom



Entrepreneurs: Ewan Marshall, Adi Kasliwal, Matt Simmonds

Speakset is a product that converts an older person’s TV into an easy to use video calling device. It makes video calling accessible by using a clear interface and being controlled by a really simple remote control. Speakset solves the problem of isolation in old age.



See What I Mean

Entrepreneurs: Ilyanna Kerr, Peter Rogers

Losing the ability to communicate is one of the most frustrating and difficult problems for people with dementia, their families and carers. Communication is challenging because words can become hard to understand whereas images often retain their meaning. See What I Mean is an app that displays the words you say as images - helping people to communicate. There are currently 800,000 people with this condition in the UK and this is set to double over the next 40 years. See What I Mean plans to release 3 versions of the app specific to different levels of need to reach the hundreds of thousands of people affected in the UK and the Millions across the globe.




Entrepreneur: Peter Mangan

Silversharers' mission is to connect, mobilize, empower and enrich senior citizens, by creating a community platform for mutually rewarding “home-stay” visits and vacations, with the potential to enhance the quality of life for many of our seniors.


Duration: April 2014 - September 2015 Status: Incubation phase

Oaxaca, Mexico


Adultos Mayores Anfitriones (AMA)

Entrepreneur: Rigoberto León Monterrubio

Touristic tours given around Oaxaca are always exhausting due to their intensity. AMA Oaxaca proposes to capacitate a group of trained senior hosts that could organise and guide tours appropriate for elder people, making their visits to Oaxaca much more friendly, as well as providing local seniors with an opportunity for training, income, purpose and to reignite their interest in their home city.



Aliméntate Bien, Aliméntate Sano (ABAS)

Entrepreneur: Claudia Juárez

ABAS aims to develop a model under which elders get fresh and healthy food delivered directly to their homes. Packages will come with advice and resources on proper nutrition and preparation to further the impact of the service for participating elders. 


Te Quiero te Cuido

Entrepreneur: Lorena Robles Brena

Te Quiero te Cuido is a primary care center for wellness and holistic development for people over 60 years  of age with a focus on human rights. They propose a non-traditional answer to the nursing homes, a center where productive, social and recreational activities, medical, educational and psychological services are offered. Easy entry with spacious and flexible schedules, transportation services and attention to specific needs are at the core of the Center's services.

Duration: May 2014 - October 2015 Status: Incubation phase  

Madrid, Spain


Construyendo Oasis

Entrepreneurs: Marta Orihuel, Conchi Piñeiro, Javier Fernández Ramos, Raúl Rodríguez Gregorio

The venture Construyendo Oasis seeks to provide elders, following their retirement, with a guide to redirect their lives satisfactorily. Through this important transition phase, the project aims to prevent possible health alterations that many elders experience during this phase. In addition, Construyendo Oasis wants to increase awareness of older people as key agents of social and environmental change. As such, the project proposes an immersion in an Oasis: a transformative process with a high impact, both through community involvement and sustainable local development.



Kaixo Sensei 

Entrepreneurs: María Elena Cheng, Rafael Fernandez, Cintia Ferris, Verónica Gonzalez, Paul Ricketts 

Kaixo Sensei: build your legacy by playing. The initiative's goal is to help respond to the question: what will other remember about me or my loved ones? By introducing game dynamics where elders are the protagonists, the project hopes to stimulate and organise the telling of their life stories and day to day activities. These stories will be administered by Kaixo Sensei as their audiovisual legacy for future generations and accessible via a content platform. By stimulating the creation of an audiovisual life story where the elderly user is the protagonist, Kaixo Sensei hopes to facilitate the sharing of this content within their circle of family and friends and when they decide, with the public in general.  It is exactly with the act of sharing this content created by elders that Kaixo Sensei strives to mitigate the tendency towards invisibility of this segment in society, bringing to the forefront "anonymous" individuals with a lifetime of stories to tell and share.



Entrepreneurs: Celia Mayer, Nuria Sánchez

Entregeneraciones  aims to develop new, intergenerational cohabitation models where the role of elders go beyond sharing a physical space, deepening an exchange across generations by building a community based on inter-dependance and an active ageing model. Through the creation of an agency for intergenerational cohabitation and a pilot project of 30 living units, Entregeneraciones's goal is to promote new living standards and sustainable care that address the demographic crisis and well-being practices by proposing sustainable alternatives that promote healthy lifestyles. This project encourages a cultural change focused on creating a new environment of cohabitation, where a shared space amongst people of diverse ages, cultures, family structures and financial situations becomes an enriching and natural experience.