And the winners are:

  • VIS – Very Important Senior: a web platform with an interactive planner aimed at matching the needs of senior citizens and the students’ time availability for volunteering services
  • Body Mechanical Risk Assessment: a body mechanical assessment and treatment to reduce work related illnesses
  • Accessible Tourism for Aged People: a web platform selling accessible tourism packages and itineraries for elders and people with special needs

On February 17, an expert jury panel at Impact Hub Milan selected from over 30 applications the three finalists for Impact Hub Milan’s edition of the Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives in partnership with AXA and Swiss Re Foundation. The three initiatives are now entering a three months cohort phase, at which end one of them will be selected as Impact Hub Fellow. Finalists and Impact Hub Fellow will be awarded with financial support, workspace, networking support from Impact Hub Milan and partners – access to investors, peer-entrepreneurs, media, and many more – and start-up support including a dedicated coach, training, ex-pert support and media exposure.

Below a brief description of the three initiatives:

VIS – Very Important Senior (Giulia Predari, Carlotta Broglia)
VIS provides a simple platform developed through an app for iOS and Android. The platform is an interactive planner, which is able to match the needs of senior citizens and the time availability of students, who are willing to dedicate free time to volunteering services taking place in their neighbour.

Body Mechanical Risk Assessment (Stefano Scattini, Alessandro Nespoli)
Nowadays people have to work until an older age compared to the past, hence companies have to deal with employees’ physical issues due to ergonomics and manual handling of loads. The overriding purpose of the initiative Body Mechanical Risk Assessment is to check the physical function of workers in order to keep their efficiency at work and in their day‐to‐day life. We try to create benefits for workers by preventing or solving their pains due to body mechanics issues, through body mechanic assessments per-formed by a specialized Biomechanical Osteopath with a spinal measurement done with Spinalmouse.

U-Life, former “Accessible Tourism for Aged People” (Anna Riva, Gabriele Favagrossa, Luigi Bandera)
Accessible Tourism for Aged People is a web platform selling accessible tourism packages and itineraries for elders and people with special needs. The aim of this platform is to overcome the segregation of these individuals into social and relief tourism. It offers attractive packages for all, with a special focus on the essential information for those groups in need of special attention (from the package to the accommodation). Together with Anteas (Organization for the active ageing), Ledha (Disabled rights promotion or-ganization) and CTS (Youth and social tourism promotion organization), we want to ensure a high quality service and professional expertise with a dedicated team of three people (one for each organization), working on the mapping of the existing accessible itineraries in Lombardy.



Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives is an international startup support program, implemented in four different cities and countries, to enable entrepreneurs with innovative solutions, to address the challenges of the increase in human’s life expectancy and demographic ageing. It is a collaborative effort by AXA, Swiss Re Foundation and Impact Hub. Find out more here.